Reading with Sound Graffs

Test Prep

High School Test Prep:

SSAT  ISEE   Gr. 6-8

College Test Prep:

ACT   SAT Gr. 9-12


Improve reading comprehension, build vocabulary, understand the meaning of words and use them in writing sentences.  Gr 2 - 12. All sessions one-on-one.

Other affordable programs at Webster's Reading and Learning:

All sessions are one-on-one with a Reading Specialist for one hour.   Our reading therapy practice began 18 years ago.  While tutoring students who struggled with reading we developed Sound Graffs to help simplify and recognize how sounds appear in our English language.  Sound Graffs help students learn to read quickly and easily and are based on the research we found that brings lasting results. 


Children learn the English language code and become confident readers.  Guessing is no longer needed.  We practice how to decode, blend and process sounds to help read difficult words. We teach orthographic and phonemic awareness, along with correcting auditory processing in plain easy to understand language.  Our unique workbooks and worksheets were developed around proven research that assisted students and brought them to grade level quickly.  Gr. K-12

Math Concepts

Math Language

Early math skills, problem solving, reasoning,  word problems, fractions, decimals, geometry, algebra.   Grades. K - 9

All sessions one-on-one. Missouri State Standards