Webster's Reading and Learning has been wonderful for Olivia. She has struggled and struggled with the phonics reading program at her school and even after several months of vision therapy and other programs she was still not able to read fluently. At the end of second grade her final report card grade was a D and after working with Mary her first quarter report card was a B !!! She has increased confidence in herself and has much more interest in school.  Thank you. Debi

Thanks to the recommendation of a trusted source, we discovered the Webster’s Reading Program that uses “Sound Graffs“. The program goes back to the basics of reading and dissects the written word in a way that our son is able to comprehend now. Unlike any other method we had tried before, Webster’s Reading and Learning has built the foundation that he needs to succeed in school and beyond. Mary is truly a gifted teacher and has the experience to draw out the best in each of her students.

I have an 11-year-old son who had trouble reading. I tried tutors, vision therapy, local reading programs, even school resources and nothing worked. When I met Ed and Mary, I discovered that kids learn in different ways. After enrolling my son in the Webster’s Reading Program, he became both a better reader and writer. His self-confidence improved tremendously.  I appreciate Ed and Mary's flexibility in scheduling and their dedication to teaching.  They have taught my son to be accountable for his thoughts and actions. I am impatient and have a hard time working with my son, but Ed and Mary are patient with him and he has responded to their teaching methods. I would recommend Webster's Reading and Learning programs to anyone with a child having trouble reading or that needs help with math, science, or writing. I say to Parents having a hard time working with their child, Ed and Mary offer guidance through specific programs and techniques that work.  They are dedicated, focused and caring teachers.   Thank you, Ed and Mary. You helped us so much when nobody else was able to. 

We are truly grateful to Mary and her program and would recommend it to anyone with a child struggling in school. Amy 

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